Esport Betting Sites

Choosing the right betting house to bet on your favorite eSports is the first step to becoming a successful bettor. There are many betting houses, so you have to look for the characteristics that we consider most important in them. From we recommend always keep in mind these factors when choosing the best betting house to bet on eSports:

That offers bets to your favorite eSports:

  • There are houses that only allow you to bet on the best known games, such as League of Legends, CS: GO, Call of Duty or DOTA2, but you may want to bet in a FIFA or Hearthstone tournament, so it is important to watch before what games do they offer?

That allows to bet in a good number of different markets:

  • Just as when betting on football you can choose any type of bet (number of corners, cards, scorers, if a penalty will be called, etc.), in each game you can also bet on a large number of possibilities. It is interesting that a house offers many different markets because you may find a bet with many success options looking for less popular markets, such as which team will win the first map, who will kill the first dragon and / or baron, or how many difference will win the game the champion.

Good welcome bonus, it will allow us to start playing without risking our money:

  • Some betting houses give money to new users to test their platform and decide if they like it or not. Normally they do it after having made the user a first income, although there are houses that offer no-deposit bonuses just by registering in them. It is important to see what is the maximum amount they give, but also if they have difficult conditions to fulfill to release the welcome bonus they give away.

Reliability (operators licensed in the country where they operate):

  • We always recommend gambling in legal betting houses, with a license to operate in the user’s country of residence. In European countries, for example, Internet bets were regulated in 2012, so the houses are very careful to do something irregular, since they are totally controlled by the DGOJ. In Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico or Argentina (in the region of Buenos Aires), the sector has also been regulated, which is very good news for bettors, who can enjoy their hobby without fear.

High fees, they will make us win more when we succeed:

  • Professional poker players always say that when you lose, you have to try to lose little, and when you win, try to win a lot. Extrapolating that maximum to esports bets, the way to win more when we hit is choosing the betting house that offers the best odds. It is interesting to have an open account in several houses to be able to compare and bet on the best quota offered at each moment, because sometimes it can be one and sometimes another.

Good customer service (preferably having 24 hour chat and / or free phone):

  • In case of any possible problem or doubt, it is preferable that they attend you quickly and well to send an email and take 3 or 4 days to resolve your question. In addition, from our experience, a betting house that offers a good customer service, as a rule denotes that you care about it, and in other aspects of your business you will also know to take the side of the user and try to help him as much as possible. possible.