Introduction to eSports bets: Oddsmaker

In our introductory guide to today’s eSports bets, we will explain what an oddsmaker is and what its role is in the betting houses.

What is an oddsmaker?

It is the expert responsible for a bookmaker to study what the odds are that a result will happen in the different markets of each event that is published in the same bookmaker.

Normally the oddsmaker is specialized in a sport, or in this case, in an electronic sport (League Of Legends, CS: GO, Dota2) and although his figure is scarce nowadays because eSports is a completely new sector, there are already many bookmakers who make use of the services of their own oddsmaker, or external agencies.

They make use of their own information by using statistics to determine with their own criteria the odds, for example, that in a simple bet on the winner of a Dota2 match, win Virtus.Pro or Evil Geniuses.

From they to you

In the end, the oddsmaker is the opponent to beat at the time of betting, since we have to make better use of the information that an event is available to find bets with value.

The oddsmaker do not stop being people who can make mistakes or simply do not judge in a perfect way a situation in an event, and the bettingexpert looks for those little slips of the oddsmaker to take profit.

The oddsmaker has the most advanced statistical software and is usually an expert in the market or markets it deals with. Even so, it is possible to assess better than they sometimes the probabilities of a specific event, since the subjective factor, the personal opinion, influences the evaluation. Also, as people who are, they may not know the first of certain information that may arise and that may change a fee because they are very relevant. If we learned before them, for example, that the Evil Geniuses star player has doubled his wrist and there are chances that he will not play, we can bet on a higher quota than the real one, thus obtaining an advantage.

Oddsmaker vs Tipster

You could say that the difference between an oddsmaker and a tipster, is that the first makes use of the information available to the house of betting, while the tipster does the same in favor of the users of the betting houses .