Betting tips

eSports betting is every day that passes more popular in our country. Multitude of bookies in which to register (like Bwin) and bet your favorite teams.

Many of these bookmakers have been adding little by little and have begun to offer markets and events of the most important championships of the most relevant electronic sports video games currently.

Undoubtedly the two star games are the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) League of Legends and the FPS (First Person Shooter) Counter Strike: Global Offensive, although there are other titles such as Dota2 (also MOBA) that receives important attention from the bookies

The main reason is because they are the most professional video games, and where the likelihood of fraud by teams, players or competitions is much less thanks to it.

Nobody said that betting was easy

However, sports betting can be considered an art and a way to make money if you work with the appropriate methodology and information. In FulleSports we will try to facilitate both.

We will have guides to explain what sports betting and concepts are that can escape to newbies, and our eSports experts will leave us forecasts in important eSports matches in which they believe that benefits can be obtained.

Several of our editors have a lot of personal experience betting on electronic sports events. We will put picks (bets to events) every month, explaining and detailing why we believe it is the right choice, analyzing the competition, the teams and the form of the players that compose them.

Positive and negative streaks are also very important in electronic sports, and the mentality of players to overcome both and not get carried away by optimism or frustration is crucial for them and for people who bet on their games.

Above all and as always remember that you always bet with moderation and if at some point you notice that you let yourself go too much you seriously consider stopping, because like everything in this life, without moderation and in excess, it can become a problem.